What to see in Costa Da Morte with children

What to see in Costa Da Morte with children

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What to see in costa da morte with children

If you are thinking of taking a trip with children to the Costa Da Morte, pay attention to the different plans you can make with the youngest members of the family.

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The different wilderness areas

If the area of the Costa Da Morte stands out for anything, it is for the different virgin spaces it has to offer. In this sense, the sandy areas of fine white sand stand out, as well as the dunes and marshes where you can see all kinds of fauna and birds.

At this point, areas such as Barrañán, Baldaio and Razo stand out, three locations close to the coast with interesting corners, routes, with an unbeatable promenade as well as children’s playgrounds and recreational areas.

Also of note are the points known as the Pasarela and Traba penedos. Se trata de un espacio protegido en el que se pueden ver increíbles rocas con formas. In addition, here you will find a wooden footbridge over the marshes, which is perfect for a short route of just one kilometre.

The best beaches in Galicia

In the Costa Da Morte you can find some of the best beaches in Galicia.. This is the case of Carnota Beach, a site that has an extension of about 7 km and magical places where you can bathe, such as the pools in Boca do Río, or the one in Laxe. In addition, you can also access wild sandy areas such as Balarés, Area Maior, Barizo, Lago, Niñóns, Nemiña or O Rostro, among others.

Enjoying other points of great beauty

If we take the lighthouses in the area as a reference, we will also enjoy unique views and locations of incomparable beauty. For example, it highlights

Punta Nariga, a location where you can enjoy a unique landscape made up of rocks of all sizes and shapes.

It is also worth mentioning what is known as Cape Vilán, where there is also a small museum and a cafeteria that is also used as a tourist information point.

Finally, Cape Touriñán or Cape Laxe, where the famous crystal beach of Galicia is located, stands out.

A waterfall in Galicia

Waterfalls and river routes

With regard to waterfalls, the most outstanding are the so-called Ézaro waterfall, in Dumbría, or the best views from the top of Monte Pindo. It is also worth visiting the Xallas river promenade, which has picnic areas and a children’s playground.

Points steeped in history

Even if you go with children, there are undoubtedly other places of interest to visit. In this sense, places such as the hermitage of Santo Adrián stand out, which was a place of worship in ancient times, no less.

On the other side is the Camiño dos Faros, like that of Finisterre, an ideal place to enjoy with children.

In addition, the so-called bread mill trail and the Museum of Bergantiños, in Carballo, are ideal places to enjoy the traditional production of products in the area and to learn more about the typical products of the area.

Its villages

Similarly, in the Costa Da Morte area you can find charming villages worth visiting. In this sense, we find places such as Corcubión, which stands out for having an old town that has been declared a historic site.

Camariñas, a fisherman town close to Muxía, a point in which you can visit many pretty beauty places.