What to see in Fuciño do Porco and surroundings

What to see in Fuciño do Porco and surroundings

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What to see in Fuciño do Porco

If you are thinking of learning more about Galicia, you cannot miss the area of Fuciño do Porco. Here are all the details you need to know.

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Where is Fuciño do Porco

Fuciño do Porco is located in the north of the province of Lugo, specifically in the Mariña Luguesa Occidental and borders the province of A Coruña. It is an ideal area for nature lovers who want to complete their getaway with a visit to the cliffs of Loibao to those of Vixía de Herbeira, the highest cliffs in continental Europe.

What to see in Fuciño do Porco

So if you go to Lugo and want to know first hand a natural environment such as Fuciño do Porco, you can not miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy these sites.

Its official name is Punta Socastro but it is known as “O Fuciño do Porco”. This singular name means pig’s snout in Spanish, hides the cape where an impressive route is located. It runs along a wooden pedestrian walkway and offers a surprising walk between cliffs that overlook the Cantabrian Sea.

What to see in Punta Socastro

Punta Socastro

Among the areas to see in Fuciño do Porco you will find Punta Socastro. This is the area where the walkway section begins and ends at Punta Socastro, this is how Fuciño do Porco is officially called.

In this area there is a small lighthouse and it is an area with steep slopes, but it offers unparalleled views. If you look to the east you will be able to see the Viveiro estuary, Area beach and the coastal area of the municipality of Xove.

Ethnographic Area of A Ínsua

The ethnographic area of A Ínsua is an old mine that was once one of the main sources of ore for the subsequent construction of cannons. In this area you can enjoy a route known as Ruta da Ínsua, perfect for both driving and walking. From here you can visit the old Cargadoiro which is now a viewpoint.

Ruta da Ínsua

If you decide to do the Ruta da Ínsua, you will have the option to visit from there the Cova da Doncela, also the area known as Punta do Cabalo and the quarry area As Louseiras. All of them are full of stories and are enclaves worth knowing.

Your surroundings

Seeing Funciño do Porco is something that can be done on the same day and you may also be thinking of taking advantage of it to get to know the surrounding areas better.

In this sense, you will have the possibility of accessing the wonderful sandy beaches of O Vicedo, where you will find the Abrela beach, at a distance of less than 2 kilometers from Punta Socastro, or in the area closer to San Román, Area Grande or Xilloi.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to visit nearby towns such as Viveiro or the whole area of the coast of Lugo. Of course, do not forget to dedicate some time of your stay to enjoy the best gastronomy that you will find in the area and in which you will not miss the best seafood.

How to access Fuciño do Porco

Regarding the accessibility to Fuciño do Porco, say that to reach this natural environment should take the coastal road, LU-862, which serves to communicate Viveiro and Vicedo.

When you are at the height of O Folgueiro you will have to take the detour that says “O Fuciño do Porco”. Follow the road for 2 more kilometers and you will end up in the parking lot for O Fuciño do Porco.

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