What to see in Prague

What to see in Prague

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Europe’s cities: what to see in Prague

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What to see and do in Prague

Here are the main activities to do in this magical city that you can visit with ourEurotrips.

Old Town Square

One of the most emblematic places in Prague is the so-called Old Town Square with a popular statue of the local hero John Hus. The area is surrounded by unique sites such as the Church of Our Lady of Týn, the Goltz-Kinskych Palace, the House of the Stone Bell, etc. In conclusion, it is a place that stands out for its great architectural beauty and its history.

The Powder Tower

The so-called Powder Tower is another of the key point to see in Prague. It is a Gothic tower, which was built in 1475 and is one of the 13 entrances to the so-called Old Town. In addition to its imposing exterior, it is a site that is also worth visiting from the inside and climbing its 65-metre height to enjoy the best views of the city.

Prague: St Charles Bridge and the Centre

The Municipal House

The so-called Municipal House is one of the most emblematic buildings to see in Prague and a real gem for Art Nouveau lovers. The building dates back to 1918 and is notable for its imposing decoration with sculptures and mosaics.

Jewish Quarter

To get to know Prague and its history better, a walk through the Jewish Quarter is a must. Although it is true that with the passing of time its original charm has been lost, there are still places worth visiting such as the Jewish Cemetery or one of the 6 synagogues that still exist in the area, being especially recommendable to visit the Old-New Synagogue, one of the oldest that can be found in Europe.

Within the Jewish Quarter you will also find Clementinum. It is an architectural complex in which the baroque style library, with a history of more than 300 years, stands out. There you can find books that are true relics, globes and beautiful frescoes on the ceilings.

In addition, in its interior highlights the Chapel of Mirrors and the Astronomical Tower that is currently a viewpoint.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a medieval building from the 14th century with a total of 15 statues on each side. It serves to unite the Old City with the Small City, highlighting especially the statue of San Juan Nepomuceno. Its three Gothic towers are also outstanding.

Kampa Island

Kampa Island is an area very close to the San Carlos bridge.. It is an old area with a proliferation of orchards and is perfect for disconnecting. If you go there with your family, you can have a picnic with a view of the Charles Bridge and the Vltava River.

The island also boasts the Padlocks Bridge or the Bridge of Love, the Vinarna Certovka.

Malá Strana

Prague’s most bohemian quarter is called Malá Strana. From this point you can follow a route that goes from the Small Town Square, to the Church of St. Nicholas, etc. You can also visit the so-called Plague Column and walk down historic streets such as Nerudova Street and adjacent streets, where you will find everything from palaces to historic buildings.