What to do in the Ribeira Sacra

What to do in the Ribeira Sacra

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The Ribeira Sacra

The Ribeira Sacra is a place of great beauty that you cannot miss. Next, we bring you the details about different things that can be seen in this area that stands out for its beautiful cliffs.

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Get lost in its Romanesque heritage

If anything stands out Ribeira Sacra it is because of its Romanesque heritage. Specifically, the so-called Ribeira Sacra Romanesque Route stands out, offering the possibility of a large number of Romanesque churches in the Pantón area, in Lugo.

De este modo, tendrás la posibilidad de ver verdaderos pedazos de historia, pudiendo encontrar desde Iglesias prácticamente excavadas en las rocas, en las que destacan claustros de diferentes estilos a tumbas antropomorfas. A whole cultural route, in the middle of unique landscapes.

Go to Monforte de Lemos

From the Ribeira Sacra visit Monforte de Lemos It is one of the most outstanding options. It is worth visiting its historic center and taking a walk along the Cabo River or going to the Castro Acropolis of San Vicente and seeing its Torre del Homenaje.

Route of the viewpoints

Route of the viewpoints

The so-called viewpoint route is another option to enjoy in this area. Specifically, it is about the viewpoints over the Sil and that has a total of 17 stops where, in addition, you can enjoy the best sunsets in the Ribeira Sacra. An experience that you cannot ignore.

Take a catamaran ride

Another option is to take a ride on a catamaran, specifically, from the area of the Cañon do Sil. It is an experience through which you can go through the so-called gorges excavated by the Sil River. An experience that will take you one morning.

Tourist train

Precisely in the Ribeira Sacra you can make use of the tourist train to get to know the area in question better. You can pass through the landscapes and vineyards near the Cañon do Sil while discovering more about the Ribeira Sacra area.

Fountain of Saint Benedict

The so-called Fuente de San Benito is a spring that can be reached through the Camino Real that connects Esgos with the monastery of San Pedro de Rocas. Many people believe that its waters have healing properties. In any case, it is a place of great beauty that you cannot miss.

Castro Boilers

Castro Boilers it is one of the most outstanding points regarding the natural and cultural heritage of the Riviera Sacra. So much so that in 2018 it was recognized as the “most beautiful town in Spain”. It is a location that stands out for its hot springs.

A Cova River Beach (Saviñao)

The River Beach A Cova it is located on the banks of the Miño River, and has a landscape as paradisiacal as it is unique. Here you can enjoy different activities such as paddle surfing, so it is a perfect activity for sports lovers.

Castro de Marce (Pantón)

At this point, a route is made in which sites such as the Cascada de Augacaída, with the Castro de Marce, are visited. Aquí se puede llegar a una de las partes más altas de la zona. At this point, a route is made in which sites such as the Cascada de Augacaída, with the Castro de Marce, are visited.

Augacaida Waterfall

This waterfall is a true jewel of nature, although it cannot be reached by car, only on foot and to do so you will have to go through footbridges. However, it can also be accessed by river through a kayak.