Characteristics and what to see in Cañon do Sil

Characteristics and what to see in Cañon do Sil

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what to see in Cañon do Sil

Cañon do Sil is a unique location that you can visit by catamaran. It is a location in which its impressive landscapes stand out, where you can find everything from historic monasteries to vineyards of great beauty.

Visiting the area of ​​the Cañon do Sil will take you through an area where its fluvial erosion has led to a deep crack that ends in the left area of ​​the Miño.

But specifically, when we talk about the Sil Canyon, we are talking about a natural gorge that has been created by the Sil River in an area very close to the Miño River, in the Ribeira Sacra area.

Visit the Sil Canyon by catamaran

Thus, the Sil Canyon is considered as an area that is a kind of natural border that is located between the areas of Ourense and Lugo and which, in turn, includes the municipalities of Nogueira de Ramuín, Pantón, Parada de Sil and Sober.

Nature lovers who want to explore this unique place will be able to do the same on a catamaran while getting to know its imposing orography with slopes of more than 500 meters in certain areas.

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Do not miss the option of hiking

In addition, in the Cañon do Sil you will have the possibility of hiking. Specifically, you can opt for the most complete route, 22 kilometers long, which can be done from this point and which serves to join the monasteries of San Esteban and Santa Cristina in the southern area. From this point you will have the chance to find excellent natural viewpoints such as Alberguería, Cerreda, Vilouxe and O Coutiño, which will end at the Santa Cristina monastery.

What to see in the Cañon do Sil area

Thus, among the areas and points to visit when going to the Cañon do Sil we find the following.

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What to see in the Cañon do Sil area

The monastery of San Pedro de Rocas

It is a monastery that has the particularity of being the oldest in Galicia and one of the areas with the most history that can be seen in the Ribeira Sacra and, specifically, in the Sil canyons. Was constructed

It dates from 573 AD and the walls and bell tower are still standing today.

Go from the hermitage da Barca to the town of Parada de Sil

Visiting the hermitage of Barca and reaching the town of Parada de Sil is another of the routes that you cannot miss when visiting the area. At this point, you will see that the road begins to rise as you reach the Cañones del Sil area. The first point we find is San Estevo dam, a point that offers a panoramic view from the road. At this point there is a viewpoint and from there you can also access the San Estevo pier. Right from this point they start Catamaran excursions through the Cañon do Sil.

The Chao de Madeiros or Meda viewpoint

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the one known as the Chao de Madeiros or Meda viewpoint. It is a point located on a road that borders the canyon and offers incredible and vertiginous views.

The balconies of Madrid

Finally, it is worth mentioning what is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Cañon do Sil: the balconies of Madrid. It is a place steeped in history. Its first name was that of the balconies is Os Torgás, and in the end it was changed because people from the villages of Parada de Sil used to hang from this point to say goodbye to their loved ones when they left for Madrid in search of a vital change.