What to see on Ons Island

what to see on Ons Island

Ons Island

The island of Ons is for many people “the sister of the Cíes Islands“. If you are going to visit it, we will bring you the points that you cannot miss as well as the best routes that you can do.


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What you should know about Ons Island


First of all, it should be noted that Ons Island National Park is 5.9 kilometers long by 1.3 kilometers wide and has a maximum recorded height of 128 meters.

In addition, there are 9 small villages, O Curro being the most populated and with the most services.

Visit the Ons Island

What to visit on Ons Island

Focusing on what to see on the Island of Ons, the following places stand out.

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Dornas Beach

It is the first beach you see when you arrive at Ons Island. It is small but it is usually one of the most visited precisely because of its location and its beauty, thanks to its turquoise waters.

O Curro Neighborhood

As we have said, the Barrio de O Curro is considered to be the most urbanized and well-serviced population center on the island. Here you will find places to eat, accommodation, shops and even a church. It is located right next to the port and in certain restaurants you can enjoy unbeatable views.

Two Cans Area

If you take the path that is in the southern part of the island, you will see the extensive and beautiful Playa das Dornas. with his almost 300 meters long, in the middle of a virgin environment, you can enjoy this beach with calm waters,

Fedorentos viewpoint

On the other hand, another of the obligatory points is the so-called Mirador de Ferodentos. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Ons. It has an imposing natural balcony overlooking the Fedorentos Cove, as well as the islet of Onza, and if the day is clear you can also see from there the Islas Cíes.

Buraco do Inferno

If you want to enjoy wild and spectacular landscapes, the one known as Buraco do Inferno offers you this experience. It is a sea cave with holes in its upper part and surrounded by legends. All of this surrounded by a stunning natural environment that is worth seeing if you are going to visit the island of Ons.


Cove of Canivelinas

The Ensenada de Caniveliñas is a coastal area where you can enjoy the sea caves. An option still little visited that allows you to enjoy the landscape and disconnect.

what to see on Ons Island

Ons lighthouse

Of course, visiting Ons Island means going to its lighthouse. That it’s called Ons lighthouse is located at the highest altitude of the island of Ons. It is a construction from 1926, which has the peculiarity of having been one of the last lighthouses inhabited by lighthouse keepers in the area.

It is located in a privileged location that offers stunning views of areas such as the Ría de Arousa, Sanxenxo, A Lanzada and even the Island of Sálvora, even reaching the A Lanzada sandbank.

Centolo Point

Already in the northern part of the Ons Island, is the Punto do Centolo, which offers an unbeatable view of the Arousa estuary. A perfect spot that can be accessed all year round, except from April 1 to August 31 for bird nesting


On the other hand, do not forget that there are 4 official routes on the Island of Ons. The so-called north route, south route, Faro de Ons route and Castelo route, options suitable for all needs.