What to see in Ourense

What to see in Ourense

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What to see in Ourense

Are you thinking of visiting Ourense and you are not sure what you can see in this area?

Here are the main points not to be missed.

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Church of Santa Maria Madre

The Church of Santa Maria Madre is one of the places you can’t miss. It is an ancient cathedral with a baroque façade with columns and capitals from the 5th century, full of history and great beauty.

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If you start a route through the old town, you can make a first stop at the Plaza de San Marcial and then take the Rua Hernán Cortés and end at the Plaza del Trigo. In this area there are points of unique beauty such as the Casa de los Temes.

San Martiño Cathedral

On the other hand, the Cathedral of San Martiño, which dates from the 12th and 13th centuries, is another point that you cannot miss in Ourense due to its majesty that makes it a reference of the city of Burgas. It is a building more than eight centuries old, among which its imposing late Gothic dome and the doors of the South, North and West zones stand out.

Mention must also be made of the interior area where you can find several rooms and monuments, including the Chapel of the Holy Christ, the Portico of Paradise and the Cathedral Museum, among others.

The source of As Burgas

Claustro de San Francisco

On the other hand, the Cloister of San Francisco is one of the most relevant in Galicia and an essential place to see in Ourense.

It is a cloister that belongs to the old Franciscan convent, of Romanesque-Gothic style of the XIV century and that stands out for its excellent preservation and for having no less than 63 stone arches that are supported on
double columns.

Eironciño dos Cabaleiros Square

For its part, the Eironciño dos Cabaleiros square is another unique location where you can also enjoy a good time of tapas. Originally this square was part of the old aristocratic neighborhood and here Galician intellectuals of the twentieth century met.

Chavasqueira Hot Springs

The Hot Springs of Chavasqueira are a thermal complex that is located by the banks of the river and that gives access to the outdoor pools that allow to reach temperatures of up to 40 degrees, which spring from a hot spring that was already known in Roman times . And it is believed that during the classic period the city would already have had thermal facilities. As is well known, the Romans especially enjoyed the hot baths and extended that custom to all the lands they conquered over the centuries. They are the thermal baths par excellence of Ourense and one of the most visited of all Galicia. In addition, if you have some time during your visit you can go from the banks of the Minho to the Outariz Thermal Baths.

As Burgas

As Burgas is also a hot springs and, in particular, is considered the most emblematic in Ourense. Its origins are Roman and it has three parts: a neoclassical fountain, a central pool, and the archaeological area with a pool-sanctuary from the 1st century AD.


Undoubtedly, if we talk about one of the most beautiful villages of Ourense, we talk about Allariz. In its streets there are points that you can not miss such as the ancient churches of Santo Estevo and Santiago, stroll through its cobbled streets and along the banks of the Arnoia until you reach the Romanesque bridge of Vilanova.

Its gastronomy

Finally, nothing like tasting the best gastronomy of the area in the historic center of Ourense.