City of Pontevedra

Pontevedra with children

Are you going on a trip to Pontevedra with children and don’t know what to do? We bring you a series of plans that you can’t miss.


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Parque Arqueolóxico de Campo Lameiro de pontevedra

On the one hand we find the Archaeological Park of Campo Lameiro. It is a site with an archaeological area that can be visited, as well as an area that can be used to recreate a Bronze Age settlement.

It is a perfect park for adults to enjoy and also for children to have a great time, being able to learn more about everything related to ancient settlers in Galicia.

It is also an area where guided tours are organised, as well as other activities that can be very useful for discovering the rock art in the area.

Accompanying shellfish gatherers in the Cambados pontevedra area.

It is possible to learn a little more about the profession of shellfish gatherer in the area of Cambados. It is possible to learn a little more about the profession of shellfish gatherer in the area of Cambados. Undoubtedly, an enriching experience if you are looking to learn more about the sea and this work.

The Meirande Museum

Meirande Museum of Pontevedra

It is the Museum of the Battle of Rande and is close to the area of Redondela, in the San Simón inlet. As its name suggests, it is close to the area of the famous Battle of Rande, which took place between the Anglo-Dutch and Spanish-French fleets.

Islas Cíes pontevedra

Another place to visit is undoubtedly the Cíes Islands. Undoubtedly, a true natural paradise facing the Vigo estuary and part of the Galician Atlantic Islands National Park. The Cíes islands are made up of 3 islands: North or Monteagudo, Del Medio or Do Faro and South or San Martiño. It should be noted that the first two are linked by Rhodes beach, considered one of the best beaches in the world.

Right in this space you can also find different hiking routes. However, as it is a protected area, it has a very limited capacity and it is necessary to book an appointment in advance.

Parque da Natureza do Río Barosa pontevedra

The Barosa River Natural Park has a beautiful spot with a waterfall and 17 restored water mills, as well as an extensive recreational area and a river beach.

Village of Los Grobits in La Toja pontevedra

On the island of La Toja we find a small village of Grobits. It is an area with a popular free playground that recreates Hobbiton, the spot where the Galician hobbits lived, all in the middle of a well-kept natural environment.

The walk of Pedras Negras

Pedras Negras footpath pontevedra

This trail is located on the seafront promenade of O Grove, one of the most beautiful coastal spots in Pontevedra. It has wooden walkways that run along the coast, which in turn have small coves that make up the Cantabrian Sea.

Besides the incredible views, during the walk you will come across two sculptures that are worth a visit. On the one hand, one representing Galician women and another in homage to the volunteers who helped clean up the waters of the Prestige oil spill.

Museum of the Sea of Galicia pontevedra

It is a museum in Vigo, specifically at the Punta do Muiño. It has some of the most complete facilities, including an aquarium, a cafeteria, an old castro, a toy exhibition, etc.