Why you should visit Galicia

Why visit Galicia

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Why visit Galicia

Are you planning the next holiday and are you planning to visit Galicia as a destination? Here are some reasons to visit these lands. Also, if you do it from the hand of Galicia Travels, and its excursions, the unique experience is more than guaranteed.

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Its imposing natural landscapes

No doubt, if for something stand Galicia is for its imposing and beautiful natural landscapes. The Iberian coasts of the area are places that make the most demanding travellers dream. Thanks to its crystal clear waters, bays and so on.

Visiting Galicia highlights options such as the Beaches of the Cathedrals, formed by a group of rock formations that have an arc shape and can be visited when the tide falls.

Undoubtedly, the beautiful cliffs of Finisterre will be another of the great claims to visit Galicia if we talk about natural landscapes. In addition, to be able to enjoy what for many is the best sunset in the world. From this area you will have the possibility to travel incredible trails.

Another key point to visit and that is a claim enough to go to Galicia is Castro de Barona. Here you will find a turquoise sea coast where you can see the remains of past fortresses.

Know their forests

Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions also to visit Galicia are its forests. In this sense, you can enter the Galician forests and their magical legends.

If you are going to Galicia, do not miss a slot in your agenda to visit areas such as the Natural Park of Fragas do Eume, which is undoubtedly a unique and unmatched ecosystem across Europe. You can also go to the Fervenza Forest, located on the banks of the Miño River or to the Xurés Natural Park, ideal if you like wild horses. These are only three proposals but the truth is that Galicia stands out for something is its nature and its unique forests and landscapes.

The incredible cuisine of Galicia

its incredible gastronomy

Definitely, when we visit a new city or community, we always seek to eat well and taste the typical products of the area. This means that you will have the possibility to take the best seafood, dishes such as the pulpo a feira and also the best fish. It is difficult to find dishes as fresh as seafood or fresh fish from the sea, and you will find this in Galicia.

Moreover, it also has top quality meat and spectacular stews such as chestnut broth, Galician broth, empanadas, grelos or desserts such as the famous cake of Santiago.

A land steeped in history

Undoubtedly, few areas with as much history and magic as Galicia. Behind each of its landscapes, there is a history that comes from the strong historical footprint left by peoples such as the Celts, the Romans or the Visigoths in these lands.

A sample of this are places in the region as emblematic as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the Tower of Hercules, the Roman Wall of Lugo and the Costa da Morte, among others.

perfect for the whole family

Galicia offers all kinds of plans: you can enjoy the best beaches, the best nature, incredible cuisine and visit areas with a lot of history are just some of the possible plans. If you’re travelling with your family, you can also organise guided tours and much more.

Undoubtedly, if you choose to make a getaway to Galicia You know you’ll get it right. It is a land with much to offer and at very low prices. The perfect destination, at your disposal.

The team of Galicia Travels hope you have liked to read and inform you in this article about why to visit Galicia and we wait for the next reading.

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