Why you should visit Porto

Why you should visit Porto

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Why you should visit Porto

Do you want to visit a city in Europe that is close to Spain and you don’t know which one? If you are thinking of making a Eurotrip of these characteristics, Porto can be your city.

In Galicia Travels we offer you the possibility to travel to this wonderful city and let you be seduced by the charm to visit Porto while you walk through its streets full of history. We tell you why to visit this European city.

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explore its historic centre

Walking through the historic centre of Porto is to do so for an area that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. In this area, the Cathedral of Porto, the Church of São Francisco, the Church and the Clergy Tower stand out. Casa do Infante and the Palácio da Bolsa, among others.

It is also worth mentioning points such as the centenary station of São Bento with its famous Portuguese tiles.

You can make an unforgettable boat trip

You will have the unique opportunity to visit the Ribeira and sail through the area of the Douro River from Porto to Gaia. An incredible experience in which you will pass through the 6 bridges that serve to unite the two cities.

Cultural sites in Oporto

Global cultural reference points

In Porto There are cultural points that cross the borders of your city and that are true references around the world. For example, you will have the opportunity to go to the Lello Bookshop, a magical place with 115 years of history, which highlights its imposing staircase and neo-Gothic interior.

Likewise, do not miss the opportunity to go to the Rua de Santa Catarina to visit the Café Majestic, a unique space of Art Noveau style in which you breathe culture and good taste.

Continuing between the emblematic cultural points of the city, do not miss the so-called Casa da Música, a unique area for the musical development of the city that has a modern architecture. The building was designed by Rem Koolhaas and is a show in itself.

Another major cultural point is the Serralves Foundation. Here you will find the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Casa de Serralves and Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira. All surrounded by a park for a walk in a unique setting.

Its gastronomy

Porto also stands out for having a gastronomy of height. Dishes such as bacalao Broa. It is a typical recipe of the cuisine of the city of Oporto in which the baked cod is covered with a layer of crispy corn bread, so that the result is a juicy and tender dish. It is usually accompanied by olives and sometimes bacon and potato.

It is also worth mentioning, when talking about its cuisine, the Francesinha. This time it is a stuffed sandwich that has several floors and has meat, cheese, sausage, hamburger and bacon. It also has egg on top and is accompanied by salsa and fries. If you visit Porto you can find specialized places precisely in this dish that is one of the most emblematic of the city.

And if we look for typical desserts in Porto, the cream cake can not miss. It is a delicious choice that crackles when biting and has cream inside. A sweet that you can buy in any bakery in the city and whose recipe only know the best bakers in Porto.

As you can see, Porto is a European city full of charm and very close to Spain and Galicia in particular. This makes it a perfect destination if you are traveling just a few days or a weekend. It is a perfect place to see in two or three days, so it can be your destination to disconnect and enjoy a charming European city, in which you breathe culture and eat beautifully.