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The perfect combination: a wine and cheese tasting in Spain

Spain is a “rich” country in many ways but if it is especially rich in its varied culinary traditions. In them it gives us a unique experience through which we can go a little deeper into the culture of the country , an example are its wines and cheeses.

And it is that the combination of these two emblematic elements of any European cuisine has a special aspect in Spain as it has a regional diversity and designations of origin more extensive than other nations , which makes their products can satisfy the most demanding palates.

There are tastings and wines all over Spain, but surely, apart from wine and cheese tastings in Santiago, we at Galicia Travels advise you to try the tastings of the country’s capital. Among these, we recommend this wine tasting in Madrid.

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Wines from Spain: A fight in the top 3 World

Spain has in its territory some of the most prestigious and exclusive wine regions in the world, each with special characteristics which is reflected in its wines.

.It is generally said that Spanish wines are in eternal competition with the French and Italians for establishing themselves in the top 3 world Being this a difficult debate to address it can be said that in Spain we can find products as disparate as the “elegant” wines of Rioja to the “dense” reds of Ribera del Duero. An example of the best Spanish wines combined with good cheeses that have nothing to envy to foreign products could be the following :

Rioja: The wines of this region, usually reds made with Tempranillo grapes, are characterized by their great balance and structure. A Rioja Crianza or a Reserva combines perfectly with semi-cured cheeses for example.

Ribera del Duero: It is the name par excellence of the red wines in pure state , the region of Ribera del Duero covers a wide area in the lands that waters this river.

. A Ribera del Duero Reserva can enhance the creaminess of a blue cheese by creating a truly delicious combination.

Jerez: Sherry wines, also known as sherry wines, are famous for their body and versatile use. A fine or chamomile accompanies exceptionally fresh and soft cheeses, to put a good example although obviously not only .

Cava: Originally from the region of Catalonia today is produced in other parts of Spain such as Extremadura for example, cava is the Spanish sparkling wine par excellence , we can say the champagne of Spain . Its bubbling effervescence makes it an ideal choice to join it with creamy cheeses in particular.

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Spanish Cheeses: Unparalleled quality and variety

The diversity of Spain is also reflected in its cheeses, which range from soft and creamy to ripe and more intense. Some notable cheeses that always combine very well with various wines are the following :

Manchego: Originally from the region of Castilla la Mancha, Manchego cheese is one of the most awarded internationally. Its flavor is generally intense and combines perfectly with a good red wine.

Cabrales: This blue cheese, from the Principality of Asturias, has a potent and slightly spicy flavor. House perfectly with a good Ribera de Duero .

Mahón: Coming from the island of Menorca in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, Mahón cheese is semi-cured and has a soft and somewhat creamy flavor. Perfect to taste with a good cava.

Idiazábal: Made in the Basque Country and in the Autonomous Community of Navarre, this smoked cheese is made with sheep’s milk so it tastes different from those made from milk of other animals such as cows.
It is usually accompanied with a white wine and if possible dry.

Do a tasting , a great opportunity to know more while testing products quality

A wine and cheese tasting is perhaps the perfect experience to blend flavors and knowledge. It is like a refined ritual that invites participants not only to taste the products but to pay close attention to the details of how they have been made.

Usually at the beginning, it is important to observe the color and viscosity of the wine, anticipating the test that will come next Then once tasted it is important to fix the senses in , appreciate the notes of fruit, spices or woods that contains the wine .

In parallel, the combination with cheese, with its particular texture , complement the experience , achieving a pleasant exchange of flavors and smells . Today it is very simple to be able to make such experiences because many companies are experienced in this field .

In fact for example in Santiago de Compostela we count with the tastings that organizes Galicia Travels, travel agency also dedicated to the organization of events. Undoubtedly an experience that should not be missed the visitor who comes to the Galician capital.