Galicia Travels wins the Tripadvisor award 2 times for the trip to Fisterra

Tripadvisor Award for Galicia Travels

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Galicia Travels wins the Tripadvisor award 2 times

Galicia Travels is in luck. It has been awarded for the second time with the Tripadvisor award for our excursion to Fisterra.

Ever since the adventure of Galicia Travels began in 2018, with the help of Elvio Esposito, Ashraf Hilal and Martín Villamil, the truth is that they have not stopped growing. A company that was born “with the aim of bringing more Galicia and Spain to pilgrims and tourists arriving in the Galician capital”.

Galicia travel products

Galicia and Spain to pilgrims and tourists arriving in the Galician capital.

With this philosophy and hard work as a backdrop, it is not surprising that it has been recognized by TripAdvisor users again with the Tripadvisor award ‘Travelers’ Choice 2022 for their tour to Fisterra, Muxía and the Costa da Morte. A prize he won again, since he also won it in 2020. From the agency itself they consider it to be their “star excursion, since it is the most demanded and the most personal for many people”.

The excursions they carry all a personal touch, obtained through their own experiences and knowledges.The Holy Year has been a great ally for our figures, and we should be grateful for the support of the leadership of the tourism office of the Xunta, who have worked hard to achieve this. The data supports this”.

About the 'Travelers' Choice Awards

For those who do not know what the ‘Travelers Choice Awards are, bear in mind that they are an award that is awarded every year among all hotels, TripAdvisor accommodations, destinations and attractions and that has as a strong point that is the result of thousands of reviews of travelers, based on their comments and opinions about that place. In this case, about an activity and excursion.

Therefore, it is a tripadvisor award loaded with value for the agency Galicia Travels. A prize that serves to recognize the quality of their excursions and that it does, moreover, based on the opinion of the people who have made the excursion with them.

Galicia Travels wins second Travelers' Choice award in 2022

Why go to Fisterra

To go to Fisterra is to enjoy the best sunsets in the world. Although it offers numerous possibilities to have a great time, one of the most outstanding is to visit the famous Fisterra’s lighthouse. It is a point that many pilgrims choose when they finish their route of the Camino de Santiago. From this location there are incredible magnificent views, ideal to enjoy the sunset.

Not forgetting that from that point you can also visit Mount Pindo of Fisterra, in which buildings such as the castle of Penafiel or San Xurxo and even a stone giant, known as Xigante da Mina, are located. A place full of magic where it is believed that Celtic rituals were performed.

Of course, you will also have to visit the village of Finisterre. A place from which you can visit the Castle of San Carlos, dating from the eighteenth century, the church of Santa María das Areas, etc. All this, without forgetting its incredible beaches.

What else to visit on the tour

In total there are 7 stops on the tour of Fisterra and Costa da Morte (2 in Finisterre, meaning cape and people)

We also visit Pontemaceira, chosen among the most beautiful towns in Spain and with a great history that connects us with the apostle Santiago.

Another fundamental stop in the Costa da Morte area is Muxía, where you can visit the beautiful Virxe da Barca Sanctuary, located in front of the Ocean.

The Hórreo de Carnota, one of the largest hórreos in Spain and the town of Muros also appear in this long list of beauties that can be admired on this award-winning excursion.